I am a professional engineer (PE) from state of Maryland and currently practice in geotechnical and structural engineering consulting.

According to NCEES, nearly 65 percent of PE Civil exam takers pass the exam at their first attempt and 32 percent of repeat takers pass the exam at their subsequent attempts.

After I passed my PE for the first time, I realized how important it is to be perfectly prepared for the exam. The deal to pass the PE exam is to learn important tips and tricks and practice well and be prepared for the real exam.  Here is why I created this website, I can help here to provide you with maximum preparation for the exam using my preparation kits. These preparation kits are updated each year with new questions.  Practicing as many as preparation kits, your PE pass at your first attempt will be guaranteed. Feel free to inquire about my Practice Test Kit for PE Civil Exam - Geotechnical by sending email to:




If you are preparing for PE Exam in a module other than Geotechnical or Structural modules and you have hard time understanding Geotechnical and/or Structural materials, Don't too much worry about it! With my preparation kit you can better understand AM questions for all disciplines of Civil Engineering PE Exam. I can also advise those of you who are taking Structural or  Geotechnical discipline in their PM questions. Please contact me with your needs, I can assist you easily and quickly find your path for passing PE exam on first try.

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Ali Sheikhbahaei, PE, PMP

Geotechnical / Structural Engineering Professional


​​I have nearly ten years of experience practicing geotechnical engineering, structural engineering projects. I have worked on local, county, federal, state and international projects for many public and private sector clients.  My involvements in the projects included evaluation, planning, designing, and construction management of tunnels, pipelines and underground infrastructure, shallow and deep foundation, MSE and Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls, slopes, turf fields, reservoirs, power plant facilities, special structures and etc.  I use  AASHTO LRFD DOT Standard Specifications in my design procedures and also use ASTM and ACI guidelines for performing tests.

I also maintains a thorough understanding of OSHA HAZWOPER practices and principles. Other areas of my expertise include earthquake engineering and seismic design, structural analysis and design, retaining wall and mechanically stabilized wall design, soil-nailed walls and slopes design, slope stability analysis, shallow and pile foundations. I also have a good knowledge of developing models through use of finite element and finite difference techniques (software like, PLAXIS, FLAC, FLAC), I am also proficient with other commercially used geotechnical structural projects developed by RocScience, EnSoft groups. During my course of engineering experience, I have worked for several consulting companies across United States and Middle East.  I am also a PhD Candidate at University of Maryland-College Park working under supervision of Dr. Mohamed Aggour. 

I am a PE Exam content developer and worked with couple of educational institutions developing exam review contents and practice tests for PE Civil Exam Breath and Geotechnical Depth.  My recent Practice Test Kit book was recently published to assist Engineering professional in particular Geotechnical Engineers prepare for the test in more efficient and succeeding way. You may send an inquiry through this website to receive one copy of this book or you may want to buy it through Amazon.com.

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